Sustainability Policy

Here at AllBlazing, sustainability plays a key part in how we think, what we do, and the choices we make. These are our key policies which help us to do our bit to save the planet. 🌱

AllBlazing Packaging: Planet-Friendly
Have you ever wondered why companies put your products inside a box filled with plastic which then sits inside another box? Strange, eh? Here at AllBlazing, one of our policies is to reduce packaging waste. To do this, we have partnered with RePack, who provide reusable packaging. RePack reduces up to 96% of total packaging waste, when compared to normal disposable packaging. 
*Occasionally, we use DHL Express cardboard made from 100% recyclable materials. 

AllBlazing App: Fast & Sustainable
Naturally, we are developing an app that has maximum convenience for us and its users (React Native); however, we are also aware of the implications that the tech industry has on the environment. Therefore, we have been careful in selecting a coding framework that minimises the total amount of code required, reducing the total effort (energy) required to develop the product. 

AllBlazing Office: Lean & Green
AllBlazing is a 100% paper free business and we encourage other parties that we deal with to minimise their reliance on physical documents. This philosophy has many benefits: from 24-hour access to our data and documentation, to keeping our systems and your data secure. In turn, these improvements are passed back to you by way of a fully accessible app, lower costs on the running apparel and higher quality services.

AllBlazing also seeks to reduce the number of travelled miles by hosting online meetings and teleconferences in place of physical meetings, where possible. Furthermore, we actively encourage our staff to work from home, reducing unnecessary journey miles, which in turn, keep our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum. 

AllBlazing is committed to making a difference, using its platform as a force for good.