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Hans Verbeek

Short bio 

I was born in 1960 and played soccer from the age 10 till the age 25.
When I turned 28, I decided to start running with De Koplopers in Delft. I've run 5 marathons: four in Rotterdam and the last on the beach from Scheveningen to Zandvoort (Netherlands).
From 2006 onwards, I have been frequently injured (calves, achilles-tendon and so on) but in 2012 I discovered ChiRunning and the benefits of natural running on minimalist shoes. Then in 2013, I started running barefoot and I liked that so much that I have never gone back to running shoes.

How long have you been running for?
Over 30 years

Where do you prefer to run (track, road, cross-country, trail, treadmill)?

Average weekly mileage?
Average week 20 to 35 k (12 to 22 miles)

Type of runner (s) you like to run with?
I like to run with beginners. Observe them, give them tips and teach them that running is fun.

Immediate running goal?
My goal is to stay fit, healthy and keep my head clear from worry. 

Long term running goal?
To keep running (and healthy and fit) as long as I can.

Race PB you are most proud of? 
I ran a 15k race in Vlaardingen, Netherlands in 59 min. 45 sec. and that was hard.

Effort you are most proud of?
My 5k personal best 18 min 22 s.

Favourite place to run?
The beach: on bare feet splashing through an inch of water!

Favourite race?
Trails through the dunes in Schoorl or the half marathon of Monster (Netherlands).

Top running tip?
Running is like dancing: be light on your feet and enjoy it.

Top 3 tracks to help get your groove on?
I’m like a bird - Nelly Furtado / Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down / Boys of
Summer - Don Henley 

Thank you!