Rene de Lange

Short bio

My name is René de Lange and I am a 42 years of age. I work as a Project Controller and I am happily married with two daughters. I was born and raised in the Hague (Netherlands), which is the most beautiful city in the Netherlands.

How long have you been running for?
I used to do a lot of football training, say, 2 or 3 times a week, but in 2006, I decided to quit football and I started running.

Where do you prefer to run (track, road, cross-country, trail, treadmill)?
I prefer to run on roads that’s because most races I do are also on the road. But once a week (Wednesday), I go to the track and I train with the group. The combination of road and a little bit of track is an ideal combination. In the past, I did trail running, but after a couple of events I figured out it’s not my cup of tea.

Average weekly mileage?
I love to do a lot of mileage each week. Once my marathon preparation has started, I can easily tip a 120k average for over 15 weeks. In periods when there are no marathons, I try to hold 100k on average per week. I must admit that in the last period (Covid-19 lockdown) my weekly mileage has dropped below 100k. However, as we all come out from our caves, and there is a chance that there will be a marathon later this year, the numbers will rise to 120k.

What is your favourite distance to run?
My favorite distance is the half marathon, as it’s a distance where endurance from the marathon and speed from the shorter distances (like 5k and 10k) meet. However I must admit, I do not do a lot of half marathon races. I focus on the marathon and I love to run this twice a year. All other races (5k, 10k, half marathons) are subordinate to my marathon races.

Type of runner (s) you like to run with?
My shoe collection looks like the one of Imelda Marcos! I have a whole variety of shoes. Every occasion or training has its shoes. Shoes for the track, shoes for fast workouts, shoes for longer and easy runs and, of course, shoes for road races (Nike 4%). It’s quite an administration, but I log the mileage for each pair and once they hit the 600-700k, they will enjoy their pension.

Immediate running goal?
Returning from the Covid-19, I hope there will be a marathon in October. That is where my focus is on right now. Hopefully, I can do some other races (5k or 10k) but my focus is on Amsterdam Marathon.

Long term running goal?
My most important goal is to stay fit as long as possible and enjoy running. I would love to run a couple of marathons and some other road races.

Race PB you are most proud of?
I am proud on both my PB on the marathon (2:32:40) and my Half Marathon PB (1:11:05)

Effort you are most proud of?
When I started running, I did my first marathon in 3hrs56mins! I have been transformed into an athlete that can run almost 1.5 hours faster than that time. I have finished 24 marathons and ran 18 times a PB! For every single marathon, I have always found motivation or other ways to improve myself! There are also some races I have won or gained a spot on the podium, which is also something that I’m proud of.

Favourite place to run?
The Hague is a very nice city to run through. There is a lot to see out there and some beautiful parks with excellent bike paths to run along. However, my favorite place to run is Meijendel. It’s a dune area along the coast between the Hague and Katwijk. The smell of the sea, the variety of nature and hills are very nice. (Though I must admit, I do not run as much over there as I want to).

Favourite race?
My two favorite races are both Amsterdam Marathon and Rotterdam Marathon. The organization is very good, there are many spectators and it’s not too far from my house. I do not like to travel a lot for a race and these two events are less than 45 minutes away from my house.

Top running tip?
Register all work outs in a logbook. A logbook will allow you to go back and see the secrets of your success (when you run a PB) or the root cause when you missed your goal. Sometimes you are uncertain about you own capabilities before a race. Going back to your logbook and looking at all the work you have done (if this is a marathon or a 5k) will give you, 99 out of 100 times, the confirmation that you are ready to achieve your goals!

Top tracks to get your grove on?

  1. Sun is Shining – Axwell  &  Ingrosso
  2. Runaway – Kanye West
  3. In the End – Linkin Park

Thank you!