Short bio 

Amsterdam ex-top sport light weight rower, trying out new sports

How long have you been running for?

Three months regularly

Where do you prefer to run (track, road, cross-country, trail, treadmill)?


Average weekly mileage?


Type of runner (s) you like to run with?

Fun runners

Immediate running goal?

A fast 5km run in the triathlon

Long term running goal?

10km in 50 mins

 Race PB you are most proud of?

-Half marathon in 2hr 18 mins

-10km in 57 mins

Effort you are most proud of?

1km in 4:40

Favourite place to run?

Along the Amstel

Favourite race?

4mijl Groningen 

Top running tip?

You are capable of more than you think, push yourself but If you feel pain, stop

Thank you!