Kieran T.

Short bio
I am living in San Francisco Bay Area (Marin County, USA) and I am living here for the wonder of the mountains and the best trails in the state. Mill Valley is a quaint old logging town with tons of history. It's lodged between the Bay and the Pacific Ocean, and has several different micro-climates, drawing the clouds close to the hills and making it the most beautiful scenery to watch.

How long have you been running for?
I've been running for 35-years.

Where do you prefer to run (track, road, cross-country, trail, treadmill)?
Prefer running on trails

Average weekly mileage?
Average weekly mileage is 15-25 miles (depending work schedule and commitments)

Type of runner (s) you like to run with?
I like running 10k races now and with competitive partners

Immediate running goal?
My immediate goal is the Zion National Park half marathon (USA).

Long term running goal?
Long term running goal is NY marathon next year, subject to Covid 19.

Race PB you are most proud of?
Most proud of Edinburgh Marathon (UK) which I finished in 3:57 next to my second most favourite 10mile park trail run PB of 1:19

Effort you are most proud of?
The Grand Canyon Ultra (USA). 

Favourite place to run?
China Camp (Marin County) (USA)

Favourite race?
The magnificent London Marathon (UK)

Top running tip?

Top 3 tracks to help get your groove on?
Has to be the Eye of the Tiger/Peaceful Easy Feeling/Blue Monday

Thank you!