Short bio 

I'm a 29 year old expat lawyer working in Dubai and I am originally from the UK. After several years of triathlon, I am now rediscovering my love for one discipline: running! 

How long have you been running for?

I have been running on and off for about 10 years. I first started when I was at university as a way to get a bit of balance. However, I never raced or trained seriously -- it was mainly the odd 5k or 10k at the weekend.

Where do you prefer to run (track, road, cross-country, trail, treadmill)?

I know it is in vogue to say on the trail, but I have no preference. With the heat here in the summer, it is more comfortable to run on the treadmill and I honestly do not mind running indoors.

Average weekly mileage?

It is slightly up and down, but I believe at the moment probably about 50miles / week.

Type of runner (s) you like to run with?
It depends on the type of run. For my longer runs, I prefer to run at my own pace, to chat a bit and have some fun with other runners of a similar ability. For my faster runs, I am quite happy to run alone.
Immediate running goal?

To run consistently, week in week out. With work, I can't run as often as I would like and that definitely has an impact on how I feel.

Long term running goal?
I think I would love to qualify for Boston, to complete Abbott World Marathon Majors or to run a sub 3:30 marathon somewhere.

Race PB you are most proud of?
Probably finishing the Hamburg Ironman triathlon in under 14 hours.

Effort you are most proud of?
Probably when I look back over a week or month of consistent training.

Favourite place to run?
At the moment, I love my early morning runs along Jumeira Beach here in Dubai, especially during the winter when the temperatures are cool.

Top running tip?
Just run!

Thank you!