Cultural Values

To ensure we build an exceptional product over a sustained period of time, we need exceptional people, and for those exceptional people, to stay. AllBlazing's culture is therefore focused around the following five values:

People: We want to work with a diverse mix of kind, smart and committed people and, where possible, to empower and promote from within. Stereotypes, exclusion and gossip are not part of who we are.

Opportunity: As part of our mission is to bring economic opportunity to our users, we also strive to provide opportunity for youngsters in the wider community, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. As we grow, this will be a key pillar that is pegged to our growth.

Work: The product we build not only brings joy to our users and their communities, it provides a sense of joy and satisfaction for the people working on the product. There will always be work that you may not want to do, but, overall, being happy with your work should not be for the lucky ones.

Tech: We enjoy obsessing about emerging tech and how that can be applied to create joyful experiences and economic opportunities. We certainly do not accept the premise that a problem is not possible to solve or the wheel cannot be reinvented.

Value: The founding team made sacrifices and moved forward by being bold and doing more with less. This should be the essence of what we do and how we work. We reward creative and bold solutions that save time, energy and money irrespective of what is in the bank account. 

Mission: Bring joy & economic opportunity to 100 million people through exercise