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Woman sat peacefully with Dream written in graffiti in the background

Running is one of those sports which gives you the maximum return for the least amount of time, keeping the body healthy and the mind uncluttered. The running community itself is beautifully diverse from the causal weekend to the double day runners, from the speedsters at the track to the endurance runners tackling the trails, from the retired runners to the high-school cross-country harriers. As beautiful and as diverse as running is, it can also be hard to stay motivated at times - no matter how fit or what type of runner you are. At AllBlazing, we are focused on making it as easy as possible for you to stay motivated, connected, and inspired whilst having fun. As a result, we believe that when you are together, helping each other, sharing your experiences, and earning cookies (money) from your movement, you are more likely to stay motivated and can then become the best version of yourself. 

Team AllBlazing